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Manufacturers recommend this service annually:

  • Clean rubber roof with specially designed cleaning agents
  • Apply UV-Blocking treatment to protect rubber membrane

RVs of Texas Mobile RV Service offers Roof Inspections to check for:

  • Roof Leak Checks
  • Rubber Roof Replacement
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Seam Seals
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RVs of Texas Service, continuously sees the damage caused by your neglecting RV roof repair and maintenance on a daily basis. Many factors can take a toll on your RV’s roof, from extended use to severe weather. If your RV’s roof has a crack, it could cause a leak that not only ruins your belongings but makes for a very uncomfortable environment for you and your family. Let the experts at RVs of Texas Service provide RV roof repair services for you today, from replacing your entire roof to fixing any RV roof leaks.

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RVs of Texas Service specializes in RV washing and waxing of Pop-ups, Travel Trailers and Motorhomes. Wash only $5.00 per foot. Wash and Spray wax $8.00 per foot. Wash Wax and Treat roof $13.50 per foot. Treat roof consists of washing and apply proper uv ray protectant and spot seal RV as needed.

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Dewinterize Package #1:

Includes sanitizing and flushing fresh water system; application of deodorizer to holding tanks; testing propane system for leaks.

Dewinterize Package #1 - $99.95

Dewinterize Package #2:

Includes sanitizing and flushing of fresh water system; application of deodorizer to holding tanks; testing of propane system for leaks and lighting all appliances; spot sealant on roof top attachments.

Dewinterize Package #2 - $194.95

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Includes a complete pressurized diagnostic leak test using the latest and most up to date machinery; test will allow any if all leaks to be found from the RV roof to side walls to windows.

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Appliance Service - $169.95*

Includes a complete cleaning and operation test of the following; refrigerator, stove, water heater, furnace, roof and basement a/c units; testing of LP system for leaks.

Roof Sealant Inspection - $334.95*

Includes a complete inspection of all roof sealants and general inspection of roof condition. NOTE: This service should be performed every 6 months as UV rays and temperature changes contribute to sealant deterioration; ESTIMATES will be given on condition of roof.

Trailer Bearing Repack - $54.95*

Includes a complete cleaning and repacking of wheel bearings; replacement of grease seals; and brake inspection.

Engine Oil Service - $92.95*

Includes replacement of engine oil and filter; adjustment of tire pressures; and inspection/topping off all under hood fluids.

RV A/C Service - Gas coaches - $99.95* | Diesel coaches - $334.95*

Generator Service - $79.95*

Includes replacement of oil and oil filter (If needed); inspection and cleaning of air filter.

Propane System Service - $99.95*

Includes complete inspection of propane system, test for leaks and check tanks for state compliance.

RV Trailer Services:

  • Pop-up models - $159.95*
  • Travel trailers - $249.95*
  • 5th wheel trailers - $274.95*

12 Volt System Service: Includes general inspection of batteries and battery fluid levels; hydrometer testing; battery terminal cleaning; inspection of terminals for leakage; and a complete inspection of 12 volt charging system

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Don't forget to ask for a free roof inspection when you come in for your next service appointment ask your service writer about the details.

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